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Bonfire night raised £616.65 for YAA thanks to everyone for your support ... See MoreSee Less

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Gemma ClarkeWhat part of it all went to air ambulance? Tickets sales? Tombola? Pie and peas stall?3 months ago   ·  1
The Flappit PubWondered how long it would take to get a kick in the teeth sorry obviously not good enough for you3 months ago
Jayne EdgintonWhat difference dose the break down make be thank ful some one but there self out raised money for a good cause3 months ago   ·  1
Jayne EdgintonWell done to the Flappit for raising any monies for a good cause3 months ago   ·  2
Karen KirbySix hundred pounds will mean alot to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, yeah how much did you send them. FFS people. Sorry rant over.3 months ago
Lindsie BrameWow! Well done that will mean a lot the the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and they will benefit a lot from this well done to the flappit and all for the good cause!3 months ago   ·  1
Gemma ClarkeIt was a simple question I don't know what's wrong with you all! Like I said I paid my family, bought drinks, spent money on tombola Since when did it become a crime to ask where my money went?3 months ago
Karen KirbyIt shouldn't matter. A donation is a donation. At least someone was donating some of their profits. It's not a crime just sounded a bit selfish x3 months ago
Lindsie BrameNot a crime but not many donate any money to a charity so the fact they donated any was good on them for making money for a good cause when they could have had a bonfire and not donated any...3 months ago   ·  1
Gemma ClarkeWe chose to go to that bonfire instead of a free one as we wanted to support a local business and liked the fact that the pub was also supporting a charity. I haven't said anything about how much they donated, I simply asked which part of the night was donated.3 months ago
Lorraine BroadbentWell done guys any donation is a bonus. Great night xx3 months ago
Zoeand Chris JonesVery disappointed to see such a small percentage of money donated especially in light of the poor display 🙁3 months ago   ·  1
Matthew ButlerWas a terrible display. The fact so many was let down wasn't even addressed. Well done on raising money but you spoiled a lot of people's bonfire night.3 months ago
Tammy HallIt's great that money is being donated to YAA but it is a disappointly small amount given that it was billed as a charity event and the numbers of people that turned out and presumably paid in, spent money over the bar, had a go on the tombola, bought pie n peas etc The fact the Flappit "wondered how long it would take to get a kick in the teeth"suggests more money was raised and The Flappit knew it would be questioned.3 months ago   ·  2

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